Fitting in

This is a great drink. It’s a perfect balance between sweet and sour, although I personally would probably add a hair more bourbon.  I think this cocktail could also stand up against the higher proof whiskies.  I also think it should be called “how to prevent a hissy fit” since it certainly diffused mine.  Hissy Fit from Josh Ropson at The Vanderbilt, via Brooklyn Bartender.

New toys

I have a new book!  Last week I read about Carey Jones’s Brooklyn Bartender: A Modern Guide to Cocktails and Spirits thanks to my friends at Amazon Prime, I have it in my hands.  I admit, I was running a little dry on sources (which speaks poorly only of me considering the vast content available on the web, in books old and new, etc.) so it’s fun to have a new toy.  I started from the beginning, which is the section on gin.  Since I’ve been focusing more on the whiskey side of the house recently, this was perfect timing.  Unfortunately, the drink itself wasn’t as impressive as it sounded.  The runs a little dry when I was expecting slightly sweeter and aromatic.  It might be worth a tweak, perhaps between the St. Germain and Aperol ratios.  The color was absolutely gorgeous, however.  And I’m really looking forward to working my way through the rest of this book.


I’ll Have What She’s Having from Ian Hardie at Huckleberry Bar, Brooklyn NY, from Brooklyn Bartender: A Modern Guide to Cocktails and Spirits


Manhattan Monday

There are some days where the only answer is alcohol. Today is one of those days. Luckily I have a great new amaro to use in a Black Manhattan. Ratio is 2 ounces of George Dickel (special barrel from Multnomah Whiskey Library, aka my home away from home) to 3/4 ounce amaro. This amaro trends a bit sweet, so I’ve been playing with the ratio to get it to the best spot your mileage may vary, but I’d definitely give Vecchio Amaro del Capo a shot.

Black Manhattan variant