Perfect ten

Because my body and I have a long-term disagreement about what I should weigh, I hired a personal trainer (maybe my body will listen to an expert since it doesn’t listen to me). Today my trainer beat the hell out of me and I needed a drink that was easy to make and reassuringly delicious, so I opted for a Perfect Manhattan. I find that a full ounce of sweet vermouth is a bit too much sweet for my taste these days (what happened to the girl who sought out the cake-flavored vodka drinks?), so the Perfect is indeed perfect. I also splurged with Masterson’s, my new favorite rye, so I’ll just sit back and wallow with my perfect drink and a good book (The Fireman, by Joe Hill) while my muscles finish their transformation to Jello.

Perfect Manhattan

Mr. President

My brother was the first person to mention this classic cocktail to me, and sadly, every time I hear the name I still think “tequila.”  Not being a huge tequila fan, I have avoided it — to my detriment. This rum cocktail is delicious, with a perfect balance of rum-sweet and vermouth/Curaçao-dry. I feel like this drinks needs a better marketing campaign. Via the blog Cocktail Enthusiast.

El Presidente

Manhattan Monday

After six weeks of on-and-off travel (sadly, more work than play), I’m grateful to be back at home base for a little over a month. I can’t tell you how great it feels to be in one place for a while, especially when it’s Home. And of course it’s even more Home watching Preacher and trying a new Manhattan variation.  This cocktail hits with a fruity aroma, but then surprises you with a really smooth, balanced flavor. I think you could easily get into big trouble with a drink like this. I just wish our weather here was a teeny bit nicer and I could enjoy this on the patio (of course, then I’d be missing Preacher, and I have to give it a chance; there’s always Cassidy, after all).  Also, for those not familiar with the original Preacher material, check it out (fair warning, you should have a strong stomach and a seriously perverse sense of humor). Drink recipe from Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars: 1903-1933 via cocktail virgin slut blog.

Caboose, Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars: 1903-1933