Mighty mixing

I love all the amazing tools available to cocktail enthusiasts these days. Kindred Cocktails is one of my favorite sites for finding new drinks to try because the curator really focuses on drinks the style of the classics. Tonight’s choice felt familiar, but new enough to be interesting. After a lot of drinks without citrus lately, the lemon felt especially bright. The only downside was the name: I can’t help thinking of Power Rangers.  

Morphin’ Time, Kindred Cocktails

Waltzing along

Along with a lovely drink, I got the song “Waltzing Matilda” stuck in my head. Though, since I only know the chorus, I suppose it could be worse. This is a lovely cocktail for a rainy afternoon. I love the allspice dram and found it to be the perfect accent to a great rye base.  It was great to pull out my Averna again, too. If you don’t have a bottle of this, you need to go hit the liquor store soon. Averna is a great multi-purpose amaro. Recipe via Punch

Winter Waltz, Chris Hannah, French 75

Manhattan Monday

I’m starting a new feature since the Manhattan ratio is my favorite for trying new whiskeys, vermouths, and amari. And of course, on Mondays you need something easy and wonderful just as a reward for getting through the first day back at work.  Tonight, we’re starting with an awesome Black Manhattan variant with one of my favorite amari. Super simple and delicious. Although the Manhattan is usually served straight up, I love one large cube that allows for subtle variation through dilution over time. 

Black Manhattan , Amaro Lucano variant (personal)