Weak branches

I decided to branch out and try something completely new this time, but sadly, it didn’t quite pan out. This cocktail, via Kindred Cocktails, is just too bitter for my taste, even after adding a bit of maple syrup for some extra sweetness. That being said, the lemon really is a lovely touch that tries to balance the intense autumn flavors. 

Aaron A. Aaronson, Jason Westplate, Kindred Cocktails

Getting the business

Early on in my cocktail adventure I drank a lot of gin. I mean, A LOT. Over the last year, however, I’ve neglected it in favor of whiskey. For some reason today, with the first frost in the air, I’m feeling the urge to revisit my old friend. I pulled this easy drink from my favorite cocktail app, Bartender’s Choice.  It’s a lovely drink, sort of a floral daiquiri. I may have to add this into my rotation, both for summer and days when I want to remember summer.

The Business, Sasha Petraske, Milk & Honey

Kicking and screaming

Many thanks to my Seattle drinking friend for today’s cocktail.  After all the hullabaloo with debates and elections, it seemed appropriate for something appropriately American.  The A.V. Club says this drink was developed by Laura Kelton of Sportsman’s Club in Chicago, and I give her a solid tip of he hat.  Although my husband and I disagreed about whether this was a summer drink (lime) or a fall drink (apple and ginger), we both agreed it’s tasty.  I can easily imagine sipping this next to a fall bonfire or on the beach during a sunset.  Considering that our Northwest summer lasts well into October, this may well be the perfect Portland drink.  

All-American Mule, Laura Kelton, Sportsman’s Club

Eat your Wheaties

I’ve had this bottle of Bernheim on my shelf for months (possibly years?) now, and I figured it was finally time to give it some attention.  I didn’t want to just sub it in for rye or bourbon since it has a lighter, slightly more subtle flavor, so I took a cue from Bernheim’s site with this cocktail.  I didn’t have any Cocchi Americano, so I used Lillet Blanc instead.  Sadly, the lemon overwhelmed the whiskey and I ended up with a lot of tart and very little of the smoothness I was hoping for.  Add this to the “tweak the recipe” file. 

Bernheim Reviver, bernheimwheatwhiskey.com

Manhattan Monday

Sometimes it feels like you could take a virtual tour of NYC just by working your way through Manhattan variants. Today I’m visiting Greenpoint via this Milk & Honey concoction. I like the herbal note coming from the chartreuse, but the cocktail itself doesn’t feel quite integrated. I might try this again with a change in the vermouth/chartreuse ratio. Via Bartender’s Choice app. 

Greenpoint, by Michael McIlroy, Milk & Honey, NYC