Bitter days

Upon initial inspection, this drinks sounded like a perfect rum representation of the holidays, but unfortunately, I just can’t get past the taste of the Punt e Mes.  I really want to like it, but it’s just too bitter for my palate (and for my husband’s, for that matter).  I reverted to my Cardamaro Manhattan to see the night through.

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Lazy like maple syrup 

Starting a little early today because it’s Sunday, I am waiting on laundry, and I couldn’t wait to try the New York maple syrup my boss sent for Christmas. Just 1/4 oz to replace the sugar cube in this High West Bourye old fashioned makes a lovely drink.   

Maple Old Fashioned, custom


Rainy rabbit

Today is a rainy day best spent in bed on a Netflix binge, and we did our duty. This cocktail from the PDT app is a great pre-dinner drink that celebrates both the season and just this kind of day.  A hair in the sweet side, but that’s likely due to my lazy substitution of bottled orange juice. 

Applejack Rabbit, PDT app