Waltzing along

Along with a lovely drink, I got the song “Waltzing Matilda” stuck in my head. Though, since I only know the chorus, I suppose it could be worse. This is a lovely cocktail for a rainy afternoon. I love the allspice dram and found it to be the perfect accent to a great rye base.  It was great to pull out my Averna again, too. If you don’t have a bottle of this, you need to go hit the liquor store soon. Averna is a great multi-purpose amaro. Recipe via Punch

Winter Waltz, Chris Hannah, French 75

Lazy like maple syrup 

Starting a little early today because it’s Sunday, I am waiting on laundry, and I couldn’t wait to try the New York maple syrup my boss sent for Christmas. Just 1/4 oz to replace the sugar cube in this High West Bourye old fashioned makes a lovely drink.   

Maple Old Fashioned, custom