Family values

Random selection from Kindred Cocktails today. Tasty, but nothing super special. I think the rye might be overwhelming the amaro. Still, a nice try.  

Against the Family, Kindred Cocktails


Afternoon revolution

Although I should know better, I continue to be surprised at how a few simple ingredients can make a beautiful cocktail. Just bourbon, coffee liqueur, and orange bitters come together to make a great sweet/strong drink that required a minimum of effort (a must on this first day of the week). This is an old cocktail, but definitely worth putting into rotation. I used the ratios from Serious Eats, and started out with Kahlua. Can’t wait to try this with my Gallano Ristretto.  

Revolver, via Serious Eats

Savoir faire

I felt like rye tonight, and this cocktail was a good balance between complicated and easy. The absinthe (I used a scant tablespoon) was a nice highlight, and the drink had a perfect tinge of orange. Usually I would expect the St. Germain to overtake the drink, but this drink proved me wrong. 

Hotel Haute-Savoie, Kndred Cocktails