Pretty in pink

I’m working my way around the Capitol here in Madison, and tonight I’m escaping from the cold rain at Graft.  I’m having a lovely pink cocktail called Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, and despite the Barbie color this is definitely a modern drink. It’s gin, absinthe, bitters, and pomplemousse, all in a great balance that still lets the absinthe shine without being too overbearing. It’s a bit of spring in a glass.  

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, Graft, Madison, WI

Home away from home

Although it’s a bummer to be away from home for training, at least I get to do recon on new cocktail spots. Merchant in Madison, WI, certainly feels like my kind of special place. They have the de la Louisiane on their regular cocktail menu (!!!!).  If you haven’t tried this drink, you’re missing out on a lovely classic. I use this to convert friends to classic cocktails. 

de la Louisiane, Merchant, Madison, WI