Summer lovin’

There’s at least half a foot of snow outside and the news is forecasting a nice storm overnight, so it must be time to resurrect a memory of summer with a daiquiri!  I pulled this one from The Canon Cocktail Book because it satisfied my need for summer and because it gave me a reason to try out my Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum.  I’ve heard great things about this rum (specifically that it managed to maintain all the best elements of both aged rum and pineapple), and I’m pleased to report that this spirit lives up to the hype.  All in all, I would be happy to float away to a mental summer with this cocktail.

Stiggins’ Daiquiri #2, The Canon Cocktail Book

Viva la daiquiri

Happy Daiquiri Day, everyone!  As you may know, a simple daiquiri is one of my favorite cocktails, especially in the summer.  When you find your perfect proportion (for me it’s 2 oz white rum, 3/4 oz lime, 3/4 oz simple), there is nothing more refreshing than sipping a daiquiri while lounging in/near the sun.  Lately I’ve started to play with my standard daiquiri recipe, and today I thought I would do a bit of a variation on Papa Hemingway’s favorite version of the daiquiri.  It’s a hair on the sweet side, so next time I might tweak the simple down and the grapefruit up. Since we’re having a typical Northwest cloudy summer afternoon, I’ll just need to imagine the sunshine and let the daiquiri work its magic.

Hemingway Daiquiri variant

Summer tease

As happens every year , we’re getting a week of gorgeous, perfect spring weather before the rain reclaims the region. It’s sunny and 75 degrees out, and I can think of nothing better than a daiquiri. I bought this rum a few months ago after hearing it made a great daiquiri, and boy does it hit the mark. Such a simple drink and yet so satisfying and summery. I had to force myself to sip it slowly and really savor it, much like we try to savor this glimpse of spring.   


Daiquiri dreams

It’s cold and wet where I am, and my mind helplesslessly pines for the Caribbean blue waters and island breezes of the cruise I left just over a week ago. Visiting tropical climes in the winter is really an exercise in masochism: no matter how much you enjoy the moment, home always seems a little less desirable while your personal climate readjusts. Of course, this mentality also betrays my personal cynicism right now, borne of all the joyous anxiety from returning to work after a two week plus vacation (and my innate anxious, neurotic Self).

In any case, today’s cocktail is a lovely, albeit temporary, medication for my condition. Captain’s Blood is a classic cocktail from Crosby Gaige’s Cocktail Guide and Ladies’ Companion (1945), and it’s a perfect example of what a great base the daiquiri is for even minor riffs. Today I used Appleton V/X, but any good aged run will do well here.  

Captain’s Blood, Crosby Gaige, Cocktail Guide and Ladies’ Companion

After sunset

After last night’s misses, I was looking for a win and I think this is a fair approximation. A hair too sweet for my taste, but that seemed to settle as I made my way through the drink. What a lovely daiquiri variant.    

Sunset at Gowanus, Death & Co.


Diffusing a bomb

I’ve been incredibly grumpy all day, but this cocktail may be able to help. The fresh raspberries give it a lovely bright tang, and the pomegranate molasses brings body and depth. According to, Joaquín Simó named this “la Bomba” as a reference to the French word grenade, meaning pomegranate. I say, fight fire with fire.  

La Bomba Daiquiri,

Making the rounds

When I started my cocktail adventure by posting my nightly drink recipe on Facebook, it was a bare-bones operation, just screenshots of recipes and limited commentary. I’m revisiting some of those drinks and giving them the more expanded treatment. The Brooklynite is a great place to start. This is a slightly-fancified daiquri that sets easily on the palate and clears the mind of any unpleasantness, say for example, the work day.  

This drink comes from the Bartender’s Choice app, an endeavor from Sam Ross of NYC’s Milk & Honey, one of the forerunners of the modem craft cocktail movement. 

Brooklynite, Bartender’s Choice app