Fool on the hill

Today is my last day at home before several days of travel for work, but of course i had to make time for an evening taste test.  Cobble Hill is another selection from Regarding Cocktails: a lighter riff on my favored Manhattan.  Normally I don’t enjoy dry vermouth, but this time it’s nicely offset by the cucumber and an equal amount of a lightly citrus amaro.  The first sip takes a bit of reorienting since you don’t usually see rye with cucumber, but after a few sips you taste how the combination really works well together.  It’s a great contrast to the heavier, sweeter Manhattan that usually sees me through the winter.

Cobble Hill, Sasha Petrakse, Milk & Honey


Lost in space

It’s been a while!  As happens, life took over for a while, but I’m diving back into the drinking pool.  I’m starting with Sasha Petraske’s Cosmonaut, from Regarding Cocktails.  This is a fairly straightforward cocktail, but a lovely one.  I added a bar spoon of simple syrup for a little more sweetness, but otherwise really enjoyed this drink, especially on our first sunny day in months. What a lovely way to wade back into the pool.  Cheers!

Cosmonaut, Sasha Petraske, Milk & Honey

Toast to Manhattan Monday

We spent Saturday night at our regional distiller’s festival, Toast, hosted by the Oregon Distillery Trail group.  This is our second time attending, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time.  Oregon/Washington has a great selection of local distillers and they were showing off everything from core spirits such as rum, whiskey, and vodka, to liqueurs and syrups to supplement your cocktails.  Plus, there was a great selection of food from local restaurants and caterers (including truffled rabbit stew and whole roast pig).  

Moments at Toast 2017

My haul from Toast 2017

Some of my standouts for this year:

I’m really lookin forward to using some of these great new ingredients.

In the meantime, I’ve been waiting to share this Manhattan variant.  While the Bartender’s Choice app calls this a Bobby Burns, it’s really just a Scotch Manhattan with a touch of Benedictine.  I really love this cocktail, and I’m not generally a huge Scotch fan (I’ll drink it, but it’s not what I gravitate to).  I’m guessing my choice of scotch helps (Compass does great work with blended scotch), but I definitely recommend giving this a try.   

Bobby Burns, Harry Craddock, The Savoy Cocktail Book


Seeking Nirvana

I went back to The Canon Cocktail Book tonight, and was drawn to this drink because the authors wrote that it had replaced the Old Fashioned as their favorite cocktail. Sadly, I can’t quite agree. My Amer Picon replacement (since the real Amer Picon isn’t imported to the US) is Bittermen’s Amere Nouvelle, which has a very pronounced, almost musty bitterness that I couldn’t quite get past. I’d love to try the recipe with an alternate bitter, but I don’t think I’d try this one exactly this way again. 

Nirvana Cocktail, The Canon Cocktail Book

Old friends

One of the things I love about cocktails is the amazing variety of recipes and how pleasant it can be to go back and revisit old favorites (of course, I also love re-reading my favorite books and re-watching my favorite movies).  I have a bunch of lemons left over from a party, so I’ve been looking for lemon-based drinks (waste not, want not, right?).  Tonight I paid a return visit to the 19th Century, a riff on the 20th Century brought to us by Brian Miller from Pegu Club.  This cocktail marries disparate ingredients in a lovely and incredibly drinkable way.  And if you haven’t tried pairing bourbon and creme de cacao, you should put this on your list – these two ingredient play very well together.  Via Bartender’s Choice app.

19th Century, Brian Miller, Pegu Club