Eat your Wheaties

I’ve had this bottle of Bernheim on my shelf for months (possibly years?) now, and I figured it was finally time to give it some attention.  I didn’t want to just sub it in for rye or bourbon since it has a lighter, slightly more subtle flavor, so I took a cue from Bernheim’s site with this cocktail.  I didn’t have any Cocchi Americano, so I used Lillet Blanc instead.  Sadly, the lemon overwhelmed the whiskey and I ended up with a lot of tart and very little of the smoothness I was hoping for.  Add this to the “tweak the recipe” file. 

Bernheim Reviver,


Manhattan Monday

Sometimes it feels like you could take a virtual tour of NYC just by working your way through Manhattan variants. Today I’m visiting Greenpoint via this Milk & Honey concoction. I like the herbal note coming from the chartreuse, but the cocktail itself doesn’t feel quite integrated. I might try this again with a change in the vermouth/chartreuse ratio. Via Bartender’s Choice app. 

Greenpoint, by Michael McIlroy, Milk & Honey, NYC