All you need is love

More new toys!  I ordered a new hawthorne strainer and barspoon from Cocktail Kingdom, and they arrived today, even more gorgeous than I expected.  The gunmetal color is so striking, and the skull on the spoon makes it badass and useful (for ice cracking, skull cracking, etc.).  Since I had to use them immediately, I picked Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall from Brooklyn Bartender.  A friend mentioned pisco to me this past weekend, and this also seemed like a great way to bring that bottle back out.  The salt water is curious and something new for me, though thankfully easy enough to mix even for such a small amount.  I’m not a fan of Punt e Mes (too bitter for my palate), so I subbed in a 50:50 mix of Carpano Antica and Cynar to achieve that bittersweet affect.  I have to say, it’s an odd drink: almost equal parts sweet and bitter. I don’t think I’d drink it exactly the same way again (would likely swap the Punt e Ames for full sweet vermouth instead), but it was definitely interesting. And the color was just gorgeous. 

Love Makes You Feel Ten feet Tall, by Jay Zimmerman from Ba’asik

Koriko Hawthorne strainer in gunmetal black

Beachbum Barry Skull barspoon in gunmetal black