Making the rounds

When I started my cocktail adventure by posting my nightly drink recipe on Facebook, it was a bare-bones operation, just screenshots of recipes and limited commentary. I’m revisiting some of those drinks and giving them the more expanded treatment. The Brooklynite is a great place to start. This is a slightly-fancified daiquri that sets easily on the palate and clears the mind of any unpleasantness, say for example, the work day.  

This drink comes from the Bartender’s Choice app, an endeavor from Sam Ross of NYC’s Milk & Honey, one of the forerunners of the modem craft cocktail movement. 

Brooklynite, Bartender’s Choice app


Autumn advance

Although we’re still at the onset of summer (and in the Pacific NW, summer has only barely wet its toes) this is a nice glance forward at the flavors of fall.  The rye, apple, ginger, and pear are all perfectly balanced, making it a lovely sipper as dusk approaches.

This cocktail comes by way of the blog cocktail virgin slut, which attributes the recipe to Johnny Raglan of Comstock Saloon in San Francisco, CA, via Food & Wine Cocktails: 2012. 

Bondage, Johnny Raglan (Comstock Saloon, SF, CA)


Tiki talks me down

While definitely a tiki drink, this cocktail is a bit too astringent for my personal taste. Perhaps more orgeat would help to round out the flavors, or maybe a richer rum than the Mt. Gay Eclipse?  I’m tempted to try this with my El Dorado 12 year. Still, after a long and trying day, the booze and tiki accoutrements are quite welcome.  

Beachbum, PDT

Orange crush

This cocktail is full of surprises. It’s a bourbon base with amaro and apple juice modifiers, but it ends up reminding me of a creamsicle, oddly enough (the orange garnish certainly has a lot to do with that, and the vanilla syrup). It’s a bit on the sweet side, but that’s likely my own fault for going with an old fashioned glass and a single large cube rather than a highball glass full of smaller cubes. Still and all, this is a really nice drink that I could easily add to my rotation. 

Blue Run Sling, Death & Co.